Believe – by Brittany Cole

My parents were discussing what people believe and how it affects their lives. After listening to them I sat down and wrote this song and called it “Believe”. It is a song about believing in yourself and having confidence that you can achieve your goals.

Lyrics –


I think I know what to do

I’m tired of hearing the same news

We might be dropping to the bottom like a ton of lead but I don’t care what they’ve said

I wanna live my life before it’s over


We’ve gotta go(gotta go) shine  a light, who knows maybe we’ll start our own solution

We’ve gotta sing (gotta sing) top of our lungs, we’ll see we’re gonna make our own conclusions

Ohoh Believe


How about you, I just don’t get around without hearing about destruction, corruption in our world

But this is our world

We can’t fail, gotta prevail


This video was made right after I finished the song.

This video is from a talent show that I performed in.

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